Real Estate Marketing: 5 Tips For Ensuring Your E-Mail Newsletters Don't Hit The Trash Bin

25 June 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When it comes to promoting your real estate business, you need to understand that there is always room for some type of improvement. One improvement that you should consider is changing the way that e-mails are sent to your subscription list – or at least the text of the newsletters. You need to create newsletters that are substance-rich and engaging rather than something that is used only to sell. Here are five tips to get an e-mail newsletter together that your subscribers will actually want to open:

1. Subject Lines Are Your First Impressions.

When you go out on a date, you do your best to look great when you open the door or arrive at the restaurant. You take a lot of time getting ready to make sure you don't scare your date away. The same thing needs to be done when creating a subject line for your e-mail newsletter. It may not be a lot of text, but it is an opportunity to guarantee that your e-mail is opened. Just be short and to the point while building trust and intrigue with your readers.

2. Incorporate Good Content Marketing.

You are sending an e-mail newsletter to make sure that you stay at the forefront of your clients' minds. With these newsletters, your point isn't necessarily to sell a house. Although it may be your end goal, the client doesn't need to know this. Instead, you want to use information that is helpful to the client and will spark their interest. An example of good content may include tips for weekend DIY projects.

3. Make It Eye-Appealing.

When it comes to your newsletter, the last thing that you want is stock art, clip art or colors that don't match your particular brand or company. Your e-mail newsletter needs to be eye-catching and incorporate colors that match your brand. This is a good example of a well-designed and visually appealing newsletter.

4. Provide Your Contact Information.

Although you may be sending a newsletter via e-mail, which shows a reply address, you need to add all other contact information in the newsletter. You need to incorporate contact info for both online and offline. A good place for this information is on the header of the newsletter to the right side. You can even add a picture of yourself, along with your cell phone, office phone and e-mail address.

5. Don't Forget the Call to Action.

You may not be trying to get business at the moment, but you do need to be ready and willing for business whenever someone is ready to conduct it. Therefore, you should incorporate calls to action at the end of the newsletter. This could include anything from a link to refer a friend to a link to a page with all the latest real estate listings.

With this advice, you should be able to create a well-rounded, visually appealing and result-producing newsletter to send via e-mail to your customer and client list.