Tips For Staging A Home Like A Professional

7 September 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


You may have a beautiful house to sell, but if you don't stage it correctly, it may take a longer time to sell than comparable homes that have been well staged. Here are three tips to help you with the staging process:

Make the House Seem Bigger and Brighter

If you had to choose between two homes of the same prices, would you opt for the bigger and brighter one or the smaller and darker one? Most people would definitely choose the bigger of the two. While you cannot increase the physical size of your home just before a sale, you can make it look bigger, brighter, and airier. Here are the tips to make a room appear big:

  1. Place decorative mirrors in strategic locations where they can reflect natural light entering the room.
  2. Don't cramp it with furnishings; for example, if you have both an ottoman and a coffee table, take out the coffee table and use the ottoman only. An upholstered storage ottoman is even better since it can store some items.
  3.  Open the windows to let in natural light.

Put Your Personal Items Out Of The Way

Your potential buyers will be more inclined to make an offer if they can "see" themselves living in the house. It will be hard for them to do this if the rooms are all filled with your personal items. Pictures of your grandparents, your graduation picture, and framed academic degrees all make for cute displays, but not for potential home buyers. Put such items out of the way while the buyers are going through the house so they can imagine their personal items on the walls, tables, and corner stands instead.

Use Inviting Scents

It's not just what your potential buyers will see that will draw them to the house; consciously or unconsciously, their other senses will also be hard at work. Caress their sensory organs by using warm and inviting scents to give your home a welcoming feel. For example, many people find a touch of cinnamon scent inviting during the winter. However, go easy on the scents – don't bathe your buyers in the scents or make them start sneezing. Of course, you should also get rid of any musty smells in the house by laundering your linens and airing the rooms, for example, by opening the windows and doors before your guests arrive.

Hopefully, the three tips above will help you prepare your already amazing house for our potential buyers. Don't forget to work with an experienced real estate agent for even more amazing staging tips and tricks. Contact a company like Homestead Land Co for more info.