Scented Candle Flavors To Use During Your Open House

30 November 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you're selling your home and have an open house coming up, it's nice to make the home as welcoming as possible. This can include small details such as leaving the exterior and interior lights on, setting the thermostat to an appropriate temperature, and using scented candles. Provided that you don't go overboard with candles that smell too strongly, leaving a candle burning can make the home smell pleasant, as well as mask any odors related to your cooking or your pets. (And you don't need to worry about safety, given that your real estate agent will be present while the candle is burning.) Depending on the time of year of your open house, here are some ideal scents to burn.


There are many pleasant scents associated with springtime, and you shouldn't have trouble finding a scented candle to match. An ideal type of candle to burn is one that smells like roses or apple blossoms — two types of blooms that might be out at the time of the open house. Depending on the exact scent, a candle that smells like freshly washed laundry hanging on the clothesline can also be suitable.


A wide range of summer-appropriate scented candles can make your home feel welcoming during the summer months. Tropical-scented candles are ideal, as they can make people think of sipping a sweet, flavorful drink on the beach or at a pool party. A lemon scent is also appropriate, as it can conjure up recollections of burning citronella candles while relaxing on the deck on a mild summer evening.


When the weather is starting to cool down outside, a pleasant smell from a scented candle burning in your home can make prospective home shoppers feel welcome. Pumpkin spice is an ideal scent to burn during the autumn months, as is apple pie spice. Each of these scents can make people visiting your home fondly recall family gatherings.


The right scent of candle during your wintertime open house can fill your home's air with a pleasant smell to welcome people as they walk through your front door. A pine scent is a smell that is pleasing to the olfactory sense, for example. Another option is to burn a candle that smells like fresh shortbread immediately after it comes out of the oven. A candle that offers the smell of cloves and other spices found in chai tea can also make your home feel more inviting during the open house.

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