Tips For Transforming A Single-Family Home Into A Luxurious Loft

9 March 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you want to bring a cool, contemporary flavor to your single-family home, try some tricks that will turn it into a luxurious loft. Take an industrial design style with your remodeling and refurbishing, and you can transform any space into an ultra-modern, chic space that you will enjoy showing off!

Tricks for tricking out your single-family home are:

Create an open floor-plan. The key feature in a loft is the open, airy feeling that you get when you enter the space. Try opening-up your main living areas by removing walls, partitions, and enclosures that contain and hinder the open floor plan that you are trying to achieve.

Remove suspended ceilings. Usually a loft has a lot of height, tall enough for an overhead space or sleeping loft above. Since this may not be feasible, try to garner as much height as you can by removing suspended ceiling panels that shorten the head-space in your home. These could house cords and wires, so hire a contractor to remove these tiles for you.

Expose architectural accents. Another cool feature that will make your home feel like a loft is exposed brick and beams around the space. This can be added, for instance, a brick overlay can be installed over a sheet rock wall. You can also add faux beams and timbers for architectural impact in your transformed space.

Take a minimalist approach. Be sparse and modern with the furnishings to maintain as much open space as possible. Keep furnishings simple, use metal and modern textiles like vinyl and cotton wherever you can. This will also make your home a lot easier to keep clean!

Streamline your staircase. If your single-family dwelling is a multi-level home, open things up with an acrylic or steel staircase. You can also buy unique metal circular stairwells that are easily installed and that are space-efficient. These don't require much actual floor space so they will work in crowded or smaller rooms.

Do something with the floor. Don't forget the floors; remove flooring to reveal wood underneath, or consider adding a laminate that replicates the look of hardwood. Another loft-themed idea is to use concrete flooring for more of an industrial feel, and for easy cleaning and maintenance.

If remodeling is in your home's future, take a contemporary approach and turn it into a luxurious loft! Try these tricks to bring an urban, ultra-cool swag to your current single-family home, and enjoy entertaining in chic new digs!