Benefits Of Buying A Newly Built Home

19 April 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you're in the market for a new home, you may not be able to decide between a modern, newly built house or a stately, historic abode. While both options have their charms, as well as drawbacks, you may want to consider the brand-new home if you want some more low-maintenance. 

In addition to being easy to care for, a new home is also customizable. You'll be able to sit down with the builder and design your dream home while staying within your budget. Before beginning the process, however, it's important to find a builder that you feel comfortable with and can trust. Take the time to research your options, starting with word-of-mouth recommendations and even online reviews.

Here are some benefits of purchasing a newly-built home:

1. Less Maintenance and Repairs

When buying a home, it's crucial to have it fully inspected prior to signing the papers. When you purchase a custom-built house, you won't have to worry about that step as you'll be the first owner and all materials and appliances will be new.

A big benefit of going with a brand-new home is that it won't have any history, such as flooding, that you need to uncover. Since everything is new, you won't have to worry about making any major repairs for a while, and if an appliance or other item has an issue, it'll most likely still be under warranty. 

You also won't have to spend time and money replacing old, worn-out items, such as carpeting or cabinets. When you move into a new house, you can start putting your belongings away and setting up your furniture immediately since everything will be in perfect condition and to your liking.

2. Personalization

If you buy an older home, you'll most likely have to compromise on some details, such as a bathroom tile and wall color, that you don't like. While you can change them later,it will most likely be an inconvenience. 

One of the top perks of building your own home is that you can customize everything, from flooring to cabinet hardware, to create a personalized abode. You can even tailor the layout and design of the structure to fit your specific needs, such as placing a child's and master bedroom close together, or adding an extra bathroom or two.

3. Energy Efficient 

Not only will a new home cut back on your electric costs, it'll be better for the environment as well. While an older home may have drafty windows and doors that allow cold and hot air to escape, brand-new house will be more tightly sealed with details such as triple-pane windows.

You can also choose eco-friendly appliances for the house, including energy-efficient stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers and water heaters. Not only will they save precious natural resources, they'll reduce your gas and electric bills as well. 

Talk with local home builders today about your custom home options.