4 Things Your Should Know About Living In A Mobile Home Community

3 May 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


At first glance you might not think that dozens of mobile homes grouped together actually may for a community, but these quaint collection of homes have lots more than what meets the eye. In general, you can get a mobile home real estate with several beds for a lot less than even what a ranch home costs. If you are going to buy or rent one of these types of home, these next four facts are important for comfortable living.

1. The Land's Not For Sale

Usually called lots, the land that each mobile home is placed on is managed by the company or person who owns it. You can rent a lot and have an existing mobile home put on it, or you can find real estate that is already in the community. Just know that even if you own your mobile home, you will still be responsible for paying the lot rent.

2. Shared Septic Systems

Most mobile home communities have shared septic tanks, so what your neighbors flush down the drain could have an impact on the integrity of your plumbing system. The good news is that many mobile home community owners regularly pay for septic tank pumping on an annual basis, so you can take that off of your list of maintenance expenses.

3. Mobile Home Communities Have Rules

Whether you are going to sign a lease to live in a mobile home or have plans to purchase this type of real estate, you need to agree to the rules before you become part of the community. Mobile home park rules cover elements such as visiting guests, parking, and the maintenance of the grass and trees on your lot. Violating mobile home community rules can result in fines, but most community managers won't give you a hard time if it is your first offense.

4. Maintenance Is Included

If you move into a mobile community you will probably see maintenance personnel, managers and groundskeepers during the week. That means that you can get assistance if your plumbing necessitates septic tank pumping right away, as well as all other major issues. Although maintenance is available for repairs, you will be responsible for cutting your lawn and removing the snow on your lot.

Some mobile home communities are for people aged 55 and above and others require residents to own their own homes, but you can surely find the perfect place to live if you are interested in living one of these friendly areas. Features like community pools and clubhouses are also generally included in many mobile home parks, so enjoy living in a spacious piece of real estate for less than the average priced house.