2 Home Options To Consider For An Older Family

5 June 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Buying a house for an older family can often be a bit more complicated than it would be for a standard homeowner, mostly because of the different needs that a family that consists of an older couple or grown children. Listed below are two home options to consider for an older family.

Single Floor Design

One of the most important features to consider if you are looking for a house for your older family is a single floor design. The primary reason you will want a home that has a single floor design is so that you and any other older individuals in your family will not have to tackle the stairs on a daily basis. Not only will the stairs be an unnecessary strain for any older individuals but it can also present a significant hazard as you start reaching your golden years.

In addition, you will not want to have to deal with those stairs if you have a pet and are a bit older. The reason for this is that you do not want to have to climb up and down the stairs multiple times a day whenever your dog needs to go outside to relieve itself.

Accessory Apartment

Another home option to consider for an older family is an accessory apartment. An accessory apartment is a portion of the home that has been designed to be a completely separate apartment home that you can either live in or rent out and it typically has such features as a private kitchen, living space, and bathroom.

The reason this is beneficial for an older family is that if you are on a fixed income due to being retired or disabled, you can rent out that space to help you pay your monthly bills and supplement your fixed income. In addition, if you have any grown children that run into financial issues and need to move back home, you will be able to let them move into the accessory apartment so that they can feel like they are still retaining some of their independence and you will be able to retain your privacy in the main home.

Speak to a real estate agent today in order to discuss what home options he or she would recommend that you consider if you have an older family. A home with a single floor design or an accessory apartment would be ideal for an older family.