Tips For Staging Your House During The Holidays

12 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you happen to be trying to sell your home during the holidays, then there are some things you should take into consideration when you are staging it to show to perspective buyers. Here are some of the things you want to consider:

Start with a clean environment

Before you even start to stage the home and worry about adding holiday cheer, you want to make sure the entire place is as clean as possible. It's best to go with professional cleaning services because they can often give you better results by using industrial-strength products. They also know which products will get better results for different types of stains and dirt. Once the house is as clean as possible, then you can move to the next stage in the staging process.

Staging the house

When it comes to the actual staging of the house, you will want to stay with neutral colors and basic styles. Choosing to go with bright colors and a definite style of décor can work against you if it happens to be the exact opposite style as what the buyer would prefer because it can make it too hard for them to see themselves in the home.

Adding holiday touches

Since you are staging the house during the holiday season, you want to add a nice holiday cheer that makes those who come to see the home feel more joy and holiday cheer as they peruse the house. However, you really need to be careful because you also don't want to offend someone who may not share in your same beliefs. The safest route to go during the holiday season is to decorate with candles and lights. However, for safety reasons, you shouldn't use real candles. Instead, you can use candles that run off batteries and have a plastic, flame-shaped light that flickers to look like a real flame. You can also string up lights around the windows and along other archways where they would look good.

If you are staging the house during other holidays that don't have religious connotations, then you can stick with the more common themes. For example, you can decorate with red, white and blue touches around the 4th of July. No matter what holiday season it is, you do want to keep in mind that you want to add a few touches to be festive, but you never want to add so many that the house now has an overwhelming look to it that can work against your best efforts for selling it fast.