Live A Life Of Luxury With These Rooftop Condo Features

27 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


One of the desirable things about buying a condo in the trendy, upscale warehouse district of your city is that the building may have many enticing features that exist beyond your unit itself. This is especially true if you to purchase a luxury condo, which are common in the downtown areas of many large cities. In many high-end buildings, you'll find that the rooftop is a heavily used space. Instead of being inaccessible to residents, it's the opposite — there are a number of amenities that residents and their guests will enjoy using. Here are some common rooftop features that you'll find atop luxury condo buildings. 

Swimming Pool

While it's true that many condos have a swimming pool in the basement or on the ground level, it's common for luxury buildings to also have a swimming pool on the rooftop. If you favor open-air swimming rather than indoor swimming, you'll be drawn to the rooftop whenever you want some exercise or to simply splash around and have fun. In many buildings, the pool won't simply exist on its own. Instead, there will be a carefully laid-out pool deck, patio chairs, and even a hot tub around the pool, giving you a perfect venue for catching some rays after you go for a dip.


In order to break up the concrete-dominated landscape, some high-end condo buildings will include vegetation on their roofs. This can be ideal not only visually, but also functionally. For example, a condo may have some trees or shrubs planted in strategic areas. You'll enjoy the look of this vegetation, but it may also form a nice-looking barrier to block the view of the pool from neighboring buildings that are higher than the condo. In some condo buildings, there may also be rooftop flower gardens to improve the look of the space, as well as herb and vegetable gardens that residents can maintain.

Eating Areas

When you live in a condo, you might occasionally sit out on your balcony to enjoy a meal. If you're entertaining guests, however, the balcony might not be large enough — but the rooftop certainly is. At some luxury condo buildings, you'll find eating areas set up throughout the rooftop. These areas will consist not only of tables and chairs, but there may also be barbecues for residents to use. This will allow you to cook and serve your guests in this location, rather than cook the food in your condo unit and face the challenge of transporting it up to the rooftop to eat.