How To Prepare For An Open House To Help Sell Your Luxury Home

24 August 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When the housing market is hot, you are going to find plenty of competition on the market for homes that are similar to yours. With luxury home open houses, things need to stand out, especially among high-end buyers. There are some tricks you can employ that can help your house stand out from the crowd and potentially sell it that much faster.

Advertise Widely

When you are selling a luxury home you need to attract buyers from potentially far reaching areas. When you advertise using a wider reach, you can attract the attention of buyers from all around the world as well as local buyers. Work with your real estate agent and advertise your home in newspapers, fliers and, most important, on the internet.

A unique way to advertise your home is to create a blog for it. Your agent can place a professionally written and photo-sourced blog on their website or with your home's own URL letting potential buyers know all the information they need to know about the home, including how to contact your agent. On the blog, you can also tout the amenities of your neighborhood and let buyers know about local schools, shopping, and restaurants. This can also be made into a printed brochure of flier that visitors can take away.

Lots of Light

A larger home looks inviting and welcoming when there is a lot of light flooding into its rooms. When you have an open house, make sure your windows allow as much light in from the outside as possible, even if this means changing out your blinds or curtains for lighter fare. Also, turn on any lights in rooms that don't have as much ambient lighting to make it seem brighter and really showcase the room.

Enticing Smells

This trick is used by many real estate agents to sell homes and it does work well. When you have enticing smells like homemade cookies or baked bread in the kitchen or soothing candles in the bathroom, a potential buyer can really see themselves living there and making a home. Candles or diffusers can make the home more inviting and make buyer's mood more positive as well.

Offer Treats

One unique way to make your house stand out among others in the area is to offer treats to your visitors. This means you can have chocolates spread out or cookies and muffins. You could offer coffee or tea, and this gives your potential buyers time to take the home in and imagine themselves having their morning coffee there. It also makes them more apt to ask questions and remember your home for consideration in their search.