Use These Tips To Sell Your House In A Flood Zone

6 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Selling an undesirable home isn't easy, especially if you don't know how to get around the undesirability. A home in a flood zone is a classic example of an undesirable home, so you need to be careful on how you sell it. Here are some helpful tips to try:

Emphasize the Height of the Building above the Flood Level

Two buildings in a flood zone, one with its lowest point roughly around the flood zone level and another one at its lowest point above the flood zone level, which home do you think is safer? The house with its lowest point considerably above the flood zone level is obviously safer; for example, the risk of the house getting flooded with water is low. Emphasizing this to your potential buyers may help with the sale

Prove That Flooding Is Rare In the Area

Just because you are living in a designated flood zone doesn't mean that you have to battle flood water every month or even every year. Some "flood zones" can go for a long time, say a couple of years or more, without experiencing serious floods. Get the official data to prove this, and how it to your potential buyers, and you will reduce their fear of flood damage.

Show How Insurers Aren't Afraid of the Property

Home insurance companies don't just cover any house; they analyze the risks carefully before deciding selling coverage. Not only that, but high-risk houses also attract higher-than-normal rates from insurance companies. Therefore, if you have been holding the right coverage for the house for the last few years and you haven't had a problem with home insurers, then it's a good bet that the flood risk isn't that high in the area.

Show That the Landscaping and Drainage is Efficient

Even if your neighborhood only has a low risk of flooding, its risk of water damage may be high if the landscaping and drainage weren't designed to take care of the surface water. For example, the area around the house should be gently sloping away from the house so that water doesn't collect near the foundation.

A flood zone is an undesirable location. Any home in an undesirable location desires the experience and skill of a realtor to sell. Therefore, even if you were planning on going at it alone, think again and consider making your work easy by hiring a real estate agent like those at RE/MAX QUALITY REALTY.