3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House

27 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Lots of people are selling their home. There are always houses on the market. Some sell incredibly quickly while others take much longer to sell. You might be asking yourself what the difference is. There are many factors that go into selling a house, and there are many mistakes that people make. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Keeping Too Much of Your Personal Style

You may love your style, and of course you do, it is YOUR style. But just because you like this style does not mean that everyone else does. The goal of selling your house is to get the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home, not walking away praising your personal style. You need to make sure that the whole house is neutral. The house should look like it was lived in without looking like it belongs to someone specifically. There should be some sort of décor on the kitchen table, but family pictures should be taken off the walls and replaced with pictures of landscapes. A realtor can bring in artwork if needed.

2. Neglecting the Closets

The storage space and closets are going to be very important to your ability to sell your home. Yes the floor plan is important, and the buyer is going to first look at the main spaces in the house. But storage space is critical and the buyer is going to be looking at the closets in the rooms to make sure that they are big enough and that they provide enough organization. If your closets are full of things and look like they can't hold all of the things that you own it will make the house feel smaller. It will feel as though it will be hard to fill it all.

Instead, empty out the closets so that they are no more than ¾ full. That way it looks like there is plenty of room for storage and that they are completely organized.

3. Assuming Everyone Likes Pets

Don't ever have signs that pets live in the house while you show it. There is a good chance that the people who are looking at the house don't want a house that has had pets. Even if they are pet lovers, they may not like other pets messes. You should get rid of odors, feeding bowls, leashes and of course take the pets out during the showing.

By avoiding these mistakes you can sell your house faster. If you have property for sale, contact a real estate agent for more tips on selling your home.