Having A Problem With On Call Workers Answering Phone Calls? Get An Answering Service

24 October 2017
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When you have a business that requires people to take after hour calls, and you have to go out and provide services past regular business hours, it can be hard to rely on people to answer their phones. If you worry about finding a reliable secretary to answer calls, or if you are looking for a practical and affordable way to get it done, you may want to outsource all of the work to an answering agency. Here are some of the reasons why businesses turn to answering services, and don't direct calls straight to employees or managers.

Conserve Costs

Paying someone to be on call or to answer phones around the clock doesn't just cost you their hourly wage. It also costs you:

  • Sick day replacement wages for another worker
  • Benefits
  • Vacation pay
  • Employment taxes
  • Potential unemployment costs

A live answering service provider will be outsourced, and you just pay a flat fee. The company guarantees that someone will be there

Field Calls

There are some calls that need an immediate response and others that don't need immediate attention. Let someone else field through all of the phone calls, instead of your staff, so your staff can concentrate on the real emergencies and customers that need their services, and not trying to answer calls that are forwarded to their personal cell phones that aren't necessary.

Stay Connected

Instead of relying on your employees to tell you how many calls came in, or how many calls they received, you can easily get a report from the phone calling agency. This way you can see who is taking care of the calls that are directed to them, who is answering their phone after hours like they are supposed to, and how many calls you are getting on average after hours.

There are a lot of ways that you can benefit when you don't have to rely on one person to answering the phone for you who is working independently after hours, and when you let a professional service do the work for you. Get quotes and see what the cost will be to have a service field the calls, sending through the emergency needs to your on call employees. The service professionals will be briefed on what calls to send through, and what can be returned in the morning, and you can be at ease that you aren't missing out on potential customers. 

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