3 Reasons For Needing The Help Of A Realtor When Buying A Home

29 May 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Thinking of buying a home without professional help? If so, you may be making a big mistake. Here are some reasons why it can benefit you to use the assistance of a local realtor for purchasing a home.

Realtors Won't Cost You Anything As The Buyer

Many people are against using a realtor because they are afraid that they are going to increase the cost of the home due to having to you having to buyer having to pay the realtor a commission. This is not true, and a huge misconception about how the home buying process works.

The seller is the one that is responsible for paying their own realtor to assist with the sale. That commission comes out of the price that you pay for the home, and is only the seller's responsibility. The realtor for the seller then splits the commission with your realtor for the purchasing side of the sale. If you do not work with a realtor for purchasing the home, you end up doing all the work and the seller's realtor keeps the entire commission.

There are no cost savings from not using a realtor, so you are better off working with one from the beginning.

Realtors Help You Find Recently Listed Properties

The nice thing about working with a realtor is that they are constantly paying attention to what homes are being put up for sale. If they see a home that fits your criteria, chances are that you will hear about it real fast. They are always looking for homes for their potential clients, and this can help you get a jump start in looking at a home before other buyers see it.

If you are able to arrange a showing quickly, you could end up making an offer before other buyers even see the listing online. This gives you an advantage due to the seller not having multiple offers to pick from.

Realtors Help Perform A Comparative Pricing Analysis

A good realtor is going to make sure that you are not paying too much for a home. They'll perform a comparative pricing analysis of recently sold homes in the area that have similar features, which will help you know how much a similar home has sold for in the past. This can be a great way to tell if the home is a deal or still prices too high, giving you room to negotiate with the seller.

For more information about houses for sale, talk to a realtor near you.