Are You Ready To Talk To Your Real Estate Agent About New Office Space For Lease Or Sale?

13 December 2019
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You have been in the same office building for years, promoting your business or your service from the location you're in. You think you're ready for change, whether you want to decrease your monthly lease or the loan amount on your office space or you actually want to expand your business. Perhaps you just need a new location because the one you are in is no longer meeting your needs.

However you look at it, if you are not sure the office space you are in is right for you, then it's already time to start speaking with your realtor about other office spaces for sale or rent around your area. Still not sure if you're just disgruntled or ready to move on? Use this guide to help you determine if you're ready to speak to your real estate agent about new office space for sale or lease in your area.

You've found a better location

Have you found a new location that would better represent your company? Perhaps there are fewer stores in another part of town, which means less competition. Maybe a new development has come up in other parts of your area and you want to get in on the action so you can grow your business. Either way, if your current location is not serving you well, it's time to move on from where you are and speak to your real estate agent about your purchase or lease options for a new office space.

You've outgrown your space

Do you have a business partner who needs their own space? Are you actually outgrowing the space on your own and you need a new location so you can expand your business? Have you grown to a point where you are branching out and don't necessarily want to leave where you're at, but establish a new location elsewhere? Your real estate agent can work with you to find the best new office space that will meet your needs in many ways and help you continue with your business growth.

You've downsized

Maybe you started out your business with a larger company and you've since downsized so you no longer need as large an office. If this is the case, then you need to downsize your lease or mortgage on your office as well by investing in a smaller unit. Your real estate agent will take into account what square footage you need and work hard to find you an appropriate office setting.

For more information, contact a real estate agent.