Why A Townhome Can Be An Excellent Choice For Your Next Home

23 December 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Are you looking to purchase a home, but you're undecided about the type of home that you want? Consider looking into townhomes for the following reasons.

Minimal Maintenance

A townhome can be a great step into homeownership due to the property needing a minimal amount of maintenance. There will be a small front and back yard, where the HOA fees help pay for lawn cutting services so that you do not need a lawnmower. Any building repairs that need to be done, such as roof replacement, are also paid for with HOA fees. In general, you will not have to worry about much upkeep with what is happening on the outside of the building. 

Split Levels

If you have been undecided between a condo and a townhome, know that one of the big differences is that a townhome will have multiple levels. This can help keep some much-needed separation between living areas and bedrooms, which is great for families that are living within the unit. There is no need to worry about a living room and bedroom sharing the same wall and people sleeping being easily woken up by those that are awake. With a condo, the bedrooms are in closer proximity to the other rooms, which makes it difficult to get privacy.

No Shared Floors or Ceilings

When living in an apartment previously, you may have had problems with noisy neighbors. Sharing a ceiling with another unit means that you end up hearing their footsteps at all hours of the day, with no easy way to tell them to be quiet. This is not the case with a townhome since the home is a vertical slice of a larger building. You will not be concerned at all about loud noises coming from neighbors or disturbing those in the unit below you.

While townhomes do share walls, they are usually built with thick construction materials like brick rather than drywall. This helps minimize the noise that bleeds through to your unit.

Common Areas

One of the benefits of living in a townhome is that the community typically has common areas that all residents can use. This may include a recreation center, a pool, or even a fitness center. These are things that are likely too expensive for you to own on your own, but you can enjoy them as a part of a big community where it is shared between multiple residents. 

With these factors in mind, talk to a real estate agent about townhouses for sale in your area.