Home Purchase Recommendations to Make Your Vacation Home Successful

22 February 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Buying a second home can provide you with a guaranteed place to spend time away and relax, and you can choose its location as your favorite destination. However, before you purchase a second home, be careful to consider some important details to ensure it is a successful purchase. Here are some recommendations to help you as you search for a second home for sale in your target area.

Look at Your Budget

One of the more important details with buying a second home is your budget in the purchase. Because it is a second home, you won't be using it full time, and its cost will be in addition to your regular housing and living expenses. Be sure you calculate the purchase into your present income and consider putting a down payment from your savings. You may also want to consider using the property as a rental while you are not using it. Many property owners who invest in a second home only use it during the winter, such as in a tropical climate, or when they have time off from their job. The other portion of the year your second home property will be vacant. So why not rent it out and bring in some extra income?

You can advertise your second home as a short-term vacation rental, which you can post on many vacation rental online platforms. You can block out the dates you know you will be staying in the property and hire a property management service to keep up on its maintenance while you are not staying at the home. Just be sure the location of the second home that you purchase is in a location that would be successful as a vacation rental.

Consider Furnishings

When you buy a second home, you will also need to furnish it. And if you are on a budget, you can ask to include some of the furnishings with the home purchase. This will allow you to avoid paying for furnishings right off the bat when you purchase the home, and by financing the furniture with the home you can spread the costs out over time. This may be of benefit to you if you plan to rent out the house and will be using all or most of the property costs as tax deductions when you file each year. 

Another option to consider when you buy a second home unfurnished is the availability of local furnishing stores in the area. For example, if you buy a second home in a remote location or an area of the country where furniture needs to be shipped by boat or plane, you will expect to pay a higher price for furniture. For this reason, you may seriously consider arranging furnishings before you select the home and its location.