Help Your Parents Sell Their Home by Working With a Senior-Focused Realtor

20 May 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Helping your parents sell their home when they're downsizing or moving into long-term care can be a delicate process. Not only is it essential to be considerate with your parents since they may be reluctant to move, but the right realtor can also help them get the most money possible for their house.

Finding a realtor who regularly works with seniors and considering the following tips will make your parents feel much more confident with the experience. 

Look for Realtors with Experience

As you reach out to realtors, you may come across realtors who are new to the market. Whether this means they've just moved to the area or have only recently received their license, some concerns can come with a lack of experience. Asking about how many years the realtor has been in business can ensure that they've been in many different situations that could arise.

Prioritize Seniors Real Estate Specialists 

Picking out the right realtor to work with means checking if they have experience with your parents' needs. When your parents are older, this could mean finding a realtor that has earned Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation. SRES designation means that the realtor has gone through training covering the financial and emotional challenges of moving seniors. 

Attending a meeting with a realtor who has SRES designation can help your parents feel at ease with the decision and avoid any feelings of discomfort regarding the process of selling the home. 

Get Advice for Every Step in the Move 

Instead of having your parents worry about the move and the challenges it comes with, you can work with a realtor that understands their concerns. Concerns could include selling their home in a specific timeframe, holding onto a lot of their belongings, or avoiding any major remodeling work before selling. 

Helping your parents move out of a house they've owned for a long time can be much easier when you're not doing it alone. 

Finding ways to make the real estate transaction as fair as possible, as well as avoid concerns over their availability, can help your parents feel at ease. 

Selling a house requires many considerations to avoid the home selling for too low or running into issues where your parents feel overwhelmed. Finding the right real estate agent and considering the above tips can help you understand the steps you'll need to take together and be on your way to helping your parents sell their home.