Recommendations For A Successful And Positive Apartment Search

27 October 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


There are many decisions you'll need to make around moving to a new apartment. From the cost of rent, the area, and the size of the apartment, it is important that you evaluate your options and consider the home that is going to best fit your needs and budget. Here are some recommendations for you to find the right apartment home.

Look at Reviews

As you set out to look for an apartment home rental, there are a lot of listings and information that you can find and research online. The more you research online, the more it will help your in-person search and narrow down your search for apartments that won't work for your needs. And the more opinions and insight you can get from tenants, the more it can help you in your decision-making process. So take some time and look for reviews of apartments you are interested in.

Just be sure you look at recent reviews in the past year or less as these show a more current situation of the apartment and its community. Apartments can go through ownership changes and improvements over their prior condition, so don't always look closely at reviews from five years ago, as the property may have undergone some major renovations and management changes to improve its rent rating. For example, an apartment community may have had issues with maintenance and timely apartment repairs, and their residents were leaving poor reviews indicating this, but with a new management team implemented that they are now working smoothly and efficiently to make the current residents quite happy with living there. 

Visit the Unit

In addition to reviewing an apartment's tenant reviews online, you should also always visit the property to take a look at the property yourself before making a final decision. You always want to test drive a car before you buy it, so you should also walk through the property and an apartment before you sign the rental contract. Look at the condition of the grounds and its maintenance, and the types of vehicles parked on the property. If you see a lot of broken-down vehicles or those in bad repair, this can be a sign of a bad apartment community without good management regulations.

Also, look inside the property you plan to rent. If the leasing agent takes you through a tour of a model apartment, ask to see the actual unit you will be renting. In addition to seeing the unit's condition and cleanliness, you also may want to see what direction the windows face and how much natural light the apartment has during the day, for example.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for apartments near you.