Finding The Right Tenant For Your Property Rental

8 July 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you own property with a home already constructed upon it, and you are not utilizing it for yourself, you may have thought about renting it to a tenant. If you have never done this in the past, you are likely wary about the process of finding the right person to stay on your land. Here are tips to ensure you select a tenant that will keep your property in the best possible condition.

Use A Property Rental Listing Service

A wise way to find potential renters of your property is to list it with a professional service. A property rental listing service will use descriptions and photographs that you provide to them and place this information in publications and on online websites for people to browse. Using this type of service helps to expand the viewership of your property, and allows for people outside of your immediate area to become knowledgeable about your property and the amenities it has to offer. This, in turn, can aid in renting the property quicker and for a larger monetary amount.

Answer Any Questions That Come Your Way

When you list your property with a service, you need to provide your phone number, email address, or website information so those interested in the land and house can reach out to you. Make sure to answer any questions you receive promptly, as this will help to boost the likelihood of renting the property quickly. When you receive questions to answer, consider asking a few of your own in response. This will help you get a feel for the type of people interested in your land and home, helping you to come to a conclusion as to whether your rental asking price is within an accurate range for a quick transaction. 

Set Up Appointments To Meet With Prospective Renters

If the questions potential renters ask seem valid and you note a genuine interest in your home and property, set up appointments to meet with those who you feel would be suitable people to care for your land and structure. During these meetings request information about the renter's background including properties they had rented before, proof of employment, and a list of character witnesses if you desire. It is also important to specify any charges you will add to the rental of your property, such as for electrical or water service, late renter fees, or damage recuperation.

For more information on properties for rent, contact a professional near you.