Professional Maintenance Technicians In Real Estate

7 December 2022
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Property maintenance technicians oversee the maintenance of both commercial and residential properties. They work with a team of other property maintenance technicians, janitors, and landscapers but may be assigned to handle all aspects of the job independently. Technicians frequently handle various tasks, from minor to major repairs. They perform basic electrical work, carpentry, and more specialized tasks like installing new siding or flooring.

Why Property Maintenance Is Important for Property Managers

If you manage commercial or residential properties, there are many reasons why you need a property maintenance service solution rather than using traditional maintenance services.

Property Maintenance Solutions Reduce Maintenance Costs

Technical property maintenance services are more affordable than finding a local technician. Professional property maintenance technicians save money by providing material and labor accountability. Maintenance technicians submit a report detailing the tasks done and materials used at the end of each property maintenance service. Furthermore, the property owner retains any unused excess material.

Commercial Renters Need Instant Property Repair

The speed of property management services is more important for commercial property managers than for residential property managers. Commercial tenants' operations may be jeopardized if repairs are not completed quickly. Incurring losses and the risk of injury are a few examples of how slow facility maintenance services negatively impact businesses of all sizes.

A Maintenance Technician Jobs Summary

Property maintenance technicians troubleshoot common maintenance issues across multiple properties, perform repairs and installations, and make recommendations for critical infrastructure projects. They should be able to handle a wide range of common property issues, including electrical, plumbing, and heating. Installation of fixtures and appliances and replacement of damaged systems are among their other duties and responsibilities.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Maintenance Tech

Maintenance technicians are the ideal professionals to hire to ensure your real estate property stays in excellent shape and for a long time. Depending on your needs, maintenance technicians provide the following:

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance ensures that best-in-class personnel proactively monitor data and deliver actionable insights.

Use of Contemporary Technology

Maintenance technicians develop equipment and systems, such as computerized maintenance management systems, sensors, and remote monitoring, and assist with upgrades and updates as needed.


Hiring a maintenance technician helps you avoid equipment damage and failure through preventive maintenance, allowing you to plan and schedule necessary routine maintenance and repairs in advance. Also, technicians are experienced in compliance inspections related to health and safety regulations. Look for resumes that demonstrate versatility and dependability when hiring maintenance technicians. A maintenance technician's resume experience section should demonstrate familiarity with various maintenance tasks.

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