How To Prepare Your Washing Machine For Your Next Move

23 March 2016
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If you are moving houses, then you want to make sure that your most expensive belongings make it safely from one residence to the next, and your appliances are by far some of the most pricey things in your home. One of these expensive items is your washing machine, that is likely to cost an average of $275 and $450. If you have a model that is energy efficient or contains many features, then it may cost you over $600. Read More 

2 New Commercial Lock Features That Could Fend Off Employee Theft

10 September 2015
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If you own your own business, you might be devastated to learn that one of your trusted employees has been pilfering your profits. Although it might seem unlikely, employee theft costs United States businesses a staggering 50 billion dollars each year—leaving managers reeling—and that was just the amount in 2000. However, you might be able to avoid problems by asking a commercial locksmith to upgrade your entryway locks. Here are two new commercial lock features that could fend off employee theft: Read More 

Renting An Apartment: Tips For Avoiding Real Estate Scams

4 August 2015
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If you're about to rent your first apartment, you've probably discovered the rental market can be extremely competitive, making it difficult to find a place that meets your needs and your budget. When looking for listings online, you might find something that seems perfect, but there is a danger in looking into listings that seem too good to be true. Here are a few ways you can recognize a real estate scam before someone takes off with your deposit or your rent money. Read More 

No Offers? Two Proactive Plans To Deal With Unsold Homes!

17 December 2014
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Even though the news commentators and politicians say the housing market has recovered and home sales numbers are rebounding, sellers whose homes have spent months on the market without an offer may not agree. Since many of these homes are being sold to allow the owner to move to another area for work or personal reasons, the unsold home soon begins to feel like an anchor holding them back. If you are the owner of a home that is lagging on the market with no buyer in sight, one or more of the following options may be just what you need to either reinvigorate your sales strategy or help you formulate a workable Plan B that will allow your family to move on with their lives. Read More 

3 Reasons You Should Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Regularly

8 December 2014
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As you go about your normal daily chores, you might be more concerned about straightening up your living room and taking care of your grocery shopping than you are about the cleanliness of your dryer ductwork. Unfortunately, lint buildup can create all kinds of trouble. Here are three reasons that you should get your dryer vents cleaned regularly, and what might happen if you decide not to worry about it. Read More