3 Enduring Myths Of Buying A Home With No Credit

30 November 2016
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Many people assume that they need to establish their credit and have a long work history before even attempting to buy their first home. However, some people decide to strive to buy a home without any credit history. These myths about buying a home with no credit don't seem to go away. Learn the truth behind these home-buying myths. Myth #1: Rent-to-Own Home Arrangements are the Only Choice Truth: Although someone who doesn't have a credit history will have a harder time finding a lender who is willing to offer them a mortgage, it is not impossible. Read More 

Scented Candle Flavors To Use During Your Open House

30 November 2016
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When you're selling your home and have an open house coming up, it's nice to make the home as welcoming as possible. This can include small details such as leaving the exterior and interior lights on, setting the thermostat to an appropriate temperature, and using scented candles. Provided that you don't go overboard with candles that smell too strongly, leaving a candle burning can make the home smell pleasant, as well as mask any odors related to your cooking or your pets. Read More 

Tips For Staging A Home Like A Professional

7 September 2016
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You may have a beautiful house to sell, but if you don't stage it correctly, it may take a longer time to sell than comparable homes that have been well staged. Here are three tips to help you with the staging process: Make the House Seem Bigger and Brighter If you had to choose between two homes of the same prices, would you opt for the bigger and brighter one or the smaller and darker one? Read More 

Tips for Budget-Minded Families in the Market for a New Home

19 August 2016
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Budget concerns can limit your options when it comes to finding a good starter home, and needs versus wants will most likely need to be reviewed. Your real-estate agent should have a clear understanding of your needs, but be sure to heed their advice so that you are not expecting more than you can feasibly afford. When looking at homes, consider these four ways to keep your family's needs a priority even on a budget. Read More 

How To Prepare Your Washing Machine For Your Next Move

23 March 2016
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If you are moving houses, then you want to make sure that your most expensive belongings make it safely from one residence to the next, and your appliances are by far some of the most pricey things in your home. One of these expensive items is your washing machine, that is likely to cost an average of $275 and $450. If you have a model that is energy efficient or contains many features, then it may cost you over $600. Read More